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Smoky Mountains
Jeep Tours

Family and Group Friendly Guided Tours in the Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge Foothills of the Smokies and in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Looking for fun things to do in the Smokies?  Enjoy outdoor activities with our “HEATED” guided jeep tours in the #1 Visited Nature Preserve within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Smoky Mountains Foothills Parkway, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail and Newfound Gap.



FROM $99 | 3 HOURS

Experience our most popular Jeep tour on this ride along Mogollon Rim that continues deeper into the backcountry for a chance to get away from it all!


FROM $79 | 2 HOURS

Roll along the base of the Red Rocks on this ‘not too rough’ off-road adventure and learn all about the history and geography of Sedona’s magnificent landscape!


Amidst the rich tapestry of Gatlinburg tourism, the allure of the Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains stands as an unparalleled attraction. Our service, Smoky Mountains Jeep Tours, captures the very essence of this majestic region, offering travelers an intimate and thrilling adventure through its undulating terrains and breathtaking vistas. Each tour is a curated journey, where the enchanting beauty of the Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains is complemented by insightful narratives from our seasoned guides. As you navigate the trails and relish the serene ambiance, you’ll understand why our Jeep tours have become a cornerstone of Gatlinburg tourism, offering an experience that resonates with both the heart and soul.

When it comes to discovering the myriad of things to do in Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains Jeep Tours stands as an unparalleled experience. For those compiling a list of things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, our tours offer a captivating blend of adventure and natural beauty. Dive deep into the heart of things to do in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and let us guide you through the winding trails and picturesque landscapes that define this iconic region. Beyond the usual attractions, our tours shine a spotlight on the lesser-known things to do in the Smoky Mountains, providing a richer and more intimate connection to the land. As you venture forth, you’ll quickly realize why our Jeep tours are heralded as one of the top things to do in the Smokies, offering both thrill and tranquility in equal measure. Our Jeep adventures blend the best of luxury, safety and fun so you can experience all the sights and sounds of the Great Smoky Mountains.

When it comes to finding the perfect places to stay in the Tennessee mountains, the journey itself can be as breathtaking as the destination. With Smoky Mountains Jeep Tours, not only do we guide you through the majestic landscapes of the Tennessee highlands, but we also provide insights into the most picturesque and serene locations. Our tours become a gateway to hidden gems and tranquil spots, ideal for those looking for that perfect mountain retreat. As you traverse the rugged trails and serene valleys, you’ll discover a myriad of accommodations that capture the essence of mountain living. With us, your search for the best places to stay in the Tennessee mountains becomes an adventure in itself.


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Great Tour

Our guide was very knowledgeable and had a great appreciation for the area. He was also very conscious of litter prevention on the trails. Plenty of room within the jeep. The four of us highly recommend this company. Enjoy!

– Judy C. | Tripadvisor
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A Wonderful Experience!

This was definitely a highlight of our stay—and most of the thanks goes to our guide. He made the tour so much more than we expected. He was an educator, and it showed. We loved this jeep tour!

– Valerie N. | Tripadvisor
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Scenic Tour

The scenery was magnificent, and our tour guide was a hoot! They knew the territory very well, and pointed out many fascinating details. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

– Diane R. | Tripadvisor
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Fun Tour

This was an excellent tour that covered a lot of ground and had great information! There was humor and enough time at each place to be able to feel and get into the experience. Highly recommend!

– Molly R. | Tripadvisor
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We had a fun, informative, and wonderful tour. Our guide helped make our tour very enjoyable. He was very courteous, friendly, and professional. It was a pleasure to take the tour and enjoy the natural beauty.

– Jaylin B. | Tripadvisor