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Roller Coasters are fun for the entire family.

Dollywood Is Ranked One Of The Best Theme Parks In The WORLD

Dollywood is ranked one of the best theme parks in the world. Not just the United States, but the world.

Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with more than 160 acreas in the Great Smoky Mountains.  It has 50 rides that are considered world class rides PLUS very high energy entertainment, featuring concerts, live music and entertainment to please every member of your family.

And you’ll love the dining throughout the park.  Talking about pleasing the entire family or group, Dollywood loves foodies with plenty of food choices, such as, their meatloaf stacker, Dolly’s Banana Pudding, southern fried chicken and all the fixings, Barbequed turkey legs for foodies that like to walk around, and you can’t visit Dollywood without eating the world-famous cinnamon bread at the Grist Mill with apple butter or icing for dipping.

Dollywood is considered one of the friendliest theme parks in the world. The Park is usually open from March through New Year’s Day, and you’ll find all kinds of festivals during the year.

Umbrellas at Dollywood

One of my favorites is the flower and food festival.  There’s vibrant colors everywhere throughout the park, and some very interesting sculptures that are made from blooms.  Some of the scrultures are even 15 feet tall.

And the concerts.  You can’t miss the spring concerts. There’s melodies throughout the park.  The musical performances are just outstanding. There’s places to sit and enjoy.  Or you can walk around the park throughout the day, capturing the excitement and breathtaking wonder of the Smokies.

And then, of course, the most popular festivals is the Dollywood Summer Celebration. Dollywood feels family is very important. So of course, the Summer Celebration wants to make memories for the family. The Park has extended hours during the summer.

Some of the favorite attractions you don’t want to miss are the firework shows in the evenings.  There’re all kinds of guests that arrive on property during the summer celebration. And don’t be surprised if you see Dolly Parton walking around the park.


 Steam engine pulling the train out of the station at Dollywood amusement park

My favorite time of the year is fall and the Fall Festival is one you won’t want to miss. It’s voted number one in America by USA Today readers for the number one fall family event. Of course, the mountains are filled with vivid color and the smells of apples and pumpkin treats are everywhere.  You can’t miss the adventure of seeing all the fall festival light displays at night. The Smoky Mountain splendor of Dollywood. is something you definitely do not want to miss with the autumn colors as the perfect backdrop spreading spectacular colors everywhere you look. Of course the days are a little bit cooler and so much nicer in the mountains during the fall. Dollywood has award winning coasters and their food. Have you ever tried pumpkin macaroni and cheese or sweet potato poot Potain whatever your speed. Dollywood by day is an awesome treat. I personally just like to walk around and take in all the sights and watch people having fun. And I’m having fun too. One of my favorite things to do at Dollywood is the Dollywood Express. A train that will take you for a ride throughout the park. And of course, during the train ride, you’re getting to hear the sounds of Dollywood. And those mountain melodies. Just feel the crisp air and make memories.

Christmas LightsAnd there’s no better place at Christmas than Dollywood. The spirit of the season shines on every street of the theme park. It’s considered America’s Best Christmas tradition to visit Dollywood.

There’s more than 5 million twinkling lights and the air is crisp and clear with the night sky showing beautiful stars.

There are more and more people that make family memories while visiting Dollywood as a Christmas tradition every year.

There’s heartwarming holiday shows, rides like the Dollywood Express I mentioned earlier. And of course, my favorite thing anywhere is food. There’s seasonal treats with the classic flavors that we love that bring back memories of our childhood.

There’s a Dollywood Christmas family favorite of ours called Merry  And Bright, which is seasonal fireworks. And they’re spectacular.

Dollywood really inspires families to remember and treasure those times in our lives when we’ve had sweet memories of Christmas.

The holiday season at Dollywood is a splash of so many different colors of Christmas.  You’ll want to stroll every street in Dollywood.  There’s Santa’s Village.  How about glacier ridge? And you won’t want to miss Craftsman’s Valley. All of these streets and areas give you different colors of Christmas.  Get ready to feast your eyes and ears on all the colors and sounds of Dollywood.

It goes without saying that Christmas at Dollywood would be dull without mentioning the wonderful holiday shows. It’s a celebration of Christmas for the whole family. There’s Christmas in the Smokies and Twas the night before Christmas.

And there’s even outdoor performances of Appalachian Christmas and the candlelight carolers.

Christmas in Dollywood culinary delights for Christmas, seasonal foods, magical performances, outstanding rides and the colors of Christmas what better way to enjoy Christmas than to visit Dollywood during the Christmas season.

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