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Take a Scenic Drive in the Smoky Mountains

Pigeon Forge is famous for being a playground that’s perfect for families, couples, and groups visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. A scenic drive through the Smoky Mountains is one of the best ways to experience the great Smoky Mountains. Nothing beats great memories created while being on vacation with family and friends.a tree with a mountain in the background

Take a Jeep Tours

A Tour of any kind is a great way to experience any vacation with friends or family. It closes with the excitement of a rough terrain ride on private land in beautiful, family-friendly, group-friendly 12 passengers jeeps. 

a train traveling down train tracks near a forest



The Foothills route has been within the works for a few seventy five years and is perhaps another twenty years to completion. The southernmost seventeen miles running from United States 129 at the Chilhowee Lake to US 321 at Walland was completed in 1966 and sort of spectacular. The subsequent part of sixteen miles was opened in Dec of 2018. This extension runs 17-miles from  US 321 in Walland to Wears Valley.


New Found Gap

Newfound Gap Road has a few splendid perspectives of the Smokies, that is one reason why this force is so popular. Many those who don’t need to move trekking to peer perspectives will move on a force. Since this avenue is 30 miles lengthy and it takes approximately 1 to two hours to complete, you’ll get to experience searching out on the sweeping panorama as you take a seat down back, relax, and spend time with the humans you got here on excursion with. There also are masses of overlooks wherein you could prevent and get out of the auto to soak up perspectives without home windows obscuring your view. A couple of locations you could prevent are Morton Overlook and Webb Overlook.

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